Sad farewells to Judith and Snuff

Sadly Ellen had to make the devastating decision to help Judith gently over the rainbow bridge recently. After developing a limp in February, Judith was diagnosed with the horrible disease osteosarcoma. Ellen had no alternative, as after x-rays were taken, the vet felt that Judith was in too much pain. Judith had not even celebrated her first gotcha day, but she lived her life to the fullest.


One of our boys Snuff has also sadly been helped over the rainbow bridge recently, as he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma too. He had been a had much loved part of Dora’s family in Scotland since December 2017, when he joined the pack after breaking his hock. He recovered from that injury really well and very quickly decided he loved the sofa life. Snuff got his name for the snuffles he made when getting hugs.

Snuff (on left) with his pal

Sending much love to Ellen and Dora during this incredibly sad time. And please give your hounds an extra hug this evening in memory of Judith and Snuff.