Long term foster home needed for Natasha

We are looking for a long term foster home in the North East for this lovely girl Natasha.

We think she is probably aged 7. She is looking for a quiet home with someone who understands dogs who are sensitive. Natasha has epilepsy, which requires daily tablets. These are easy to give in food. A foster carer must be able to continue with her seizure diary, monitoring any potential seizures. We hope that once settled into a permanent foster home, she will be able to live a normal active life.

Natasha has been happy to meet other dogs on walks and does enjoy being out. This girl has not had the best start to her life and was confined to a kitchen for 4 years, so is just learning that the human touch is not necessarily a bad thing. Natasha needs an understanding foster carer who will give her time to come to them. GRACE will be paying for her veterinary costs. If you feel you have a quiet home that Natasha would be able to live out the rest of her life, please contact Tracy on 07840 771583.