New business owners: welcome home your new dog with these stress-free strategies

Thank you to GRACE supporter Cindy Aldridge, who has kindly written this guest article, which explores strategies for balancing your daily entrepreneurial duties while welcoming a new dog into your life.

Starting and running a new business is a challenging task in itself. The idea of welcoming a new pet into your home during this stage of your life can seem downright overwhelming. However, with the right knowledge and tools, you can effortlessly help your new companion acclimate to life in their forever home. 

Plan to take your new dog home at the weekend

If at all possible, plan to take your dog home at the earliest part of your weekend. The workweek is filled with enough deadlines and duties as it is. Adding the responsibility of picking up and starting to help your dog settle in, on top of everything, is a recipe for overwhelm. By bringing your dog home at the start of the weekend, you will optimise your time. If you have the option, consider taking an extended weekend to have more one-on-one time with your dog. 

 Create a space for your dog in your office

While you may not be able to do this the entire day, if you work from home, consider keeping your dog in your home office. Create a space that is their own to make him or her feel as comfortable as possible. Include a bed, toys, a dish for water and treats for training. By having your dog in your office during the day, training will become much easier. You can praise good behaviours and help your dog get used to the pace of life during the workweek. 

Use the latest apps and technology to make life easier

Various apps and technology have made it far easier to raise a happy and well-behaved dog. Rather than trying to do all of the work and research yourself, download and use some of today’s top pet apps. Have an extended period of time where you’ll need to focus on your business? Find dog sitters in your area using one of today’s top pet sitting apps. There are also apps to give you the tips and advice needed to be your own dog trainer. 

Delegate tasks to free up more time in your day

As a business owner, outsourcing and delegating tasks is essential. Even if you start off running your company solo, this ultimately needs to change to keep your business growing. When you are concurrently welcoming a new pet and starting/running a business, delegation becomes even more necessary. Continue to develop and grow your business — while being attentive to the needs of your new dog — by outsourcing at least two types of tasks. Whether you need a graphic designer, virtual assistant, mobile app developer or web designer, there are experienced professionals waiting to help you. Simply post what you need to the right freelance jobs board and get connected with reliable and capable candidates. 

Develop a routine around your workday

Although you might be tempted to create a special routine for your new dog, you will eventually have to meet their needs within the confines of your work schedule. From as early as possible, start developing your dog’s eating, sleeping, walking and play routine around your day.  

Planning is key when it comes to continuing to smoothly run your new business while bringing your new dog into their forever home. Following the above strategies will keep both you and your dog as happy as possible for the long-run.