Thank you Catherine and family

Those who follow our Facebook page will know that we have been donated some special items to do a number draw to raise funds for GRACE.  They are from Catherine, a 12 year old girl who, along with her younger brother, has taken up go-cart racing. During the lockdown they weren’t able to take part in their beloved carting, but have put their old tyres to good use.

Catherine has given out lots of planters to the vulnerable in her village, as well as to the local school and care homes. The whole family are involved in this project: her younger sister designs the planters and they all help with the painting.

Catherine usually sells the planters and clocks to help fund her go-cart racing, as it is an expensive hobby, but she has kindly donated some items to us too. The GRACE number draw is £5 per entry. The prize is a handmade clock, painted in a colour of your choice, featuring a picture of your greyhound, or other pet. The winner can also choose two of Catherine’s other items. There are still a few numbers left, so if you would like to enter, please get in touch with us.