Please can you help?

Please can you help with our vets bill for Rosie and Johnny?

We took Rosie and Johnny, a bonded pair, in under the “emergencies” umbrella of our work. They are not G.R.A.C.E dogs, but their owner had gone into hospital and at 11 years old their future was not looking hopeful. We couldn’t have that.

Johnny has had all but 4 of his teeth removed and is making a good recovery. Rosie was rushed to the vets, with nosebleeds and vomiting, where she received emergency treatment. She was then admitted to Moorview referrals where she has had a CT Scan and Bone Marrow Aspiration and is undergoing further tests.

Rosie and Johnny are currently being well looked after in foster by Harriet (thank you Harriet!) and doing OK.

The vets bill currently stands at around £7,000 for these 2 golden oldies so if you can donate just a £1 it honestly will all add up, we know times are hard but these two deserve the very best twilight years as do all dogs.You can donate via PayPal (please tick friends and family so we don’t lose any of your donation in fees) greyhoundrescue@outlook.com or by Bank Transfer:


40 33 01


If you put Rosie and Johnny as the reference we will be able to keep you informed with how they are doing. A big G.R.A.C.E thank you for reading this.